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Payday Loan Affiliate welcomes the opportunity to work with you in the ever-growing payday loan industry. If you have questions about what it means to be a part of the Payday Loan Affiliate program, you may either contact us directly or review the list of frequently asked questions that we have provided below.

Why should I choose Payday Loan Affiliate?
Payday Loan Affiliate is a recognized leader in the payday loan and cash advance industry, serving over 500 affiliates in the United States. Unlike other affiliate programs that often work with a limited pool of qualified or smaller-sized lenders, we have able to use the combined force of our affiliate network to strike deals with the largest, highest-paying lenders across the nation. Applications submitted through us are the first in line and get paid top tier commissions, ensuring that each of our affiliates receives top-dollar for their hard work. We guarantee the highest conversion rates around, so you can rest assured that your traffic is put to use with us!

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How does the affiliate program work?
Payday Loan Affiliate's proprietary tiered-lending system capitalizes on our relationships with a variety of lenders and interfaces their daily needs with your daily traffic. Once an applicant visits your site and completes an application in its entirety, we find a lender that is willing to purchase the lead based on their predetermined demographic preferences. In most cases more than one lender will bid for the application, at which point we award to the application to the highest bidding lender. You will be able to track your earnings on a per-application basis using the real-time tracking tools we have created for you after you become affiliated with us.

How much will I receive per completed application?
Because our system works with over 50+ lenders, the revenue generated by each lead you generate will differ slightly. We work closely with all our partners to evaluate traffic and pricing, so please contact us for more details on pricing per lead.

How competitive are your rates?
Very. Payday Loan Affiliate offers both competitive qualified lead rates ($20+ per accepted application) and the security of an extensive multi-lender system.

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How often do I receive a check?
Our affiliates receive their checks at the end of every other week (biweekly) via standard mail, provided their balance is in excess of $50. If you did not make $50 for one biweekly pay period, your balance will carry forward to the next period or until such time that your account exceeds $50 and a check can be mailed to you.

Is there a minimum check amount?
Yes. You must have accrued at least $50 during one biweekly pay period in order to receive a check. If you fall short of that amount, your account will retain your balance until you pass the $50 period, at which time you will receive a check for the next available biweekly cycle or in accordance with the terms of an alternatively negotiated agreement.

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What other sort of goodies will I get?
High-volume affiliates will have access to a variety of website templates, landing pages, and other sorts creative that will help you take your online presence to the next level. You will also have access to a graphic designer that will help you create banners and other branding materials as long as you remain apart of our affiliate program.

How may I promote my site?
Payday Loan Affiliate encourages you to use every legal tool at your disposal to attract business to your site. Any affiliate that engages in spam techniques or other forms of illegal/unethical forms of promotion will be removed from our program.

If I am unhappy with Payday Loan Affiliate may I terminate the partnership?
We're here to help you turn leads into cash, but if at some point you feel you are better served by another affiliate program you may terminate your partnership with us at any time of your choosing. Payday Loan Affiliate also reserves the right to terminate the partnership for any reason, including but not limited to acts of fraud, spam, and other illegal activities.

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I'm not a U.S. resident, can I still become an affiliate?
Unfortunately we are only able to accommodate U.S. residents at this time.

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