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Payday Loan Blog - Will a Payday Loan Show Up on My Credit Report?

 Friday, 15 February 2008

We all know how important your credit report is. It is the main factor in helping determine your credit score which is turn helps you on out on financial matters like interest rates and loans. When you apply for and receive a payday loan, will that show up on your credit report? This is an important question because you must always know what is on your report.

Payday Loans and Your Report

Remember, if you do not pay back your payday loan it can then be taken to collections by the lender. This is definitely something that you want to avoid because it will end up on your credit report. Anytime you have something taken to collections it will result in a negative mark being put on your report. This is something that you really need to remember. This is a great example of how an unpaid payday loan can end up hurting your credit report.

Now, can a payday loan show up on your report and help your score? I would not go as far to say that the payday loan will actually improve your score. But, by paying it off and doing everything that is asked of you, you will not see a negative. Anytime you can avoid a negative it is definitely a positive. Plus, people can see that you handled your loans correctly and that you are not a big risk. It will help by showing people that you have experience with short term loans and you did well with it. It is always good to show people that you have a good history of dealing with loans.

The Dreaded Trap

Anytime you run yourself into debt you will have a negative impact on your credit score. That is why it is important to manage the payday loan you have, and make sure you do not take one more then one payday loan at a time. They can really add up. It you take out more then one then you may have trouble paying them off because of the interest involved and the fees that come with paying them late. That is when debt can affect you. Avoid debt should be your number one goal.

So payday loans can have a negative aspect on your credit report if you do not pay attention. You can turn that into a positive however by paying off the loan on time and following the directions. This will be a positive because it shows people that you can handle your loans and that you are not a risk to pay your loans later then the applied due date.

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