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Payday Loan Blog - Tracking Your Traffic with Campaign IDs

 Tuesday, 12 December 2006

We’ve talked a lot about the different ways you can bring traffic to your site, but if you’re like a number of our more successful affiliates you might have a hard time picking just one. That’s good – we applaud any and all efforts to service the growing demands of the cash advance clientele – but how are you supposed to know how well each of your campaigns is doing?

During my last blog post I talked about the use of the a form element to make a seamless transition from your payday loan site to our secure loan processing application; one of the elements from that basic form was the campaign ID field:

<input name="campaign" type="hidden" id="campaign" value="WEBSITENAME">

We’ve enabled the use of campaign IDs to help you track the number of clicks, sales, conversions, etc. from each of your efforts, and you may do this by altering the form on each page where you intend for a client to land. For example, if you tried Joe’s advice about’s low-priced television ad service, you could build a page on your site (or a new site altogether) specifically for this type of traffic. You could then change the form element on this page to something like “spotrunner-ad-six” and then accurately track the amount of traffic you’re receiving from this particular campaign. This allows you to figure out which efforts fly and which ones flop so you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Examples of Different Campaign ID Usage

You can have as many or as few campaign ID listings as you’d like, so the real question is how anal are you as an affiliate marketer? We have some affiliates that have a different ID for every page on their site because they’re interested in knowing what page has the highest conversion rate. On the flipside, we also have affiliates that only create a new campaign ID when they launch a new website, so the ID effectively measures which site is pulling down more money. This system can be as specific or as general as you’d like it to be – all you have to do is outline your system and make the appropriate changes in your HTML.

NOTE: Never change your Payday Loan Affiliate ID number! The commission associated with this five-digit number is what we use to determine how to pay you, so editing it will cause problems when we calculate our monthly payouts.

- Blumey

Tuesday, 12 December 2006 10:48:39 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)  #     
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