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Payday Loan Blog - Search engine remove your payday loan site?

 Friday, 27 October 2006

It begins so innocuously, rising on a sunny Monday morning, coffee in hand, logging into the top-notch Paydayloanaffiliate reporting interface to see how much money you've…oh no! What happened?!

Shaking with fear, you immediately pull up your domain's logs to see that traffic disappeared over the weekend, a fear every webmaster knows all too well, the fear of being banned by a search engine.

Before your coffee comes back up the esophagus, let's sit down and look at the three major players on how to check to see what happened and learn what you can do about it. For simplicity, we'll use as the sample domain.

1. In the Google search bar type in "" without the quotes. At the time of writing this, I see 61 results. If I were to go from 61 to 0 results found, I'd be suspicious of something being wrong. Carrying on the example, let's say that the site has disappeared; now what?
2. For any site that has been truly banned in Google, a reinclusion request is necessary. The purpose of the request is to let Google know that you've fixed whatever TOS infraction the domain may have caused, and that it won't happen. In order to do all that, you'll need to verify to Google that you are the owner of the site by going here: and then filling out the reinclusion request. 

1. In the Yahoo search bar type in "" without the quotes. This time, the offending result is to show just 1 page. Granted, one page sites will make it tricky, so there is something else you can check. Copy a piece of unique content from the domain, usually a very descriptive title tag. One from our domain might be "Payday Loan Blog - Payday Loan Affiliate Blog" - search for this phrase in Yahoo. If it is the last result returned, then it is possible that the site may have been penalized.
2. Send some extremely polite e-mails explaining what you believe happened to or fill out a form saying the same thing at -- really though, I've done both just to be sure.

1. In the MSN search bar type in "" without the quotes. Like Google, a banned domain will not return any results. Fortunately though, MSN is probably the quickest in responding to banned domain inquiries.
2. Send an e-mail (please be polite) to with the subject "re-inclusion request", explaining the matter in as much detail as you can provide.

It is our hope at PaydayLoanAffiliate that you never have to use this article; if you do though, we hope that you find the information useful in getting back into the search engines.


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