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Payday Loan Blog - More On Article Writing

 Friday, 06 October 2006

Joe makes an excellent point when he says copywriting for cash advance topics is good for your customer and even better for SEO - but what separates the good content from the great content?

You can rest assured that writing copy that pertains to, say, cash advances and your pet goldfish will not only look foolish to the human eye but will also cause confusion among your search engine spiders. This is what I'm told at least, and I'll let one of my compatriots elaborate on spider theory a bit more at their leisure (that's far too programmy for my taste.) What I can say is I have seen many an affiliate come through my proverbial door and ask for copywriting advice, only to turn tail and run at the thought of creating something original; they clamor to the top ranked sites for their niche cash advance phrase and perform the old Ctrl + C followed by the Ctrl + V. "It worked for them, so it must work for me," I imagine they say to themselves. Unfortunately they have not only broken copyright law, but also managed to trip a duplicate content filter within the search engines themselves.

(More on duplicate content can be found at this Webmaster World posting.)

It makes sense, doesn't it? The job of a search engine is to bring order to a world of information that is otherwise the epitome chaos. As a search engine does this, trusted sources emerge and, conversely, so do those that are less than trustworthy. Take the phrase "cash advance" and plug it into any search engine of your choice, then take any URL in the top 10 and plug that into the Copyscape plagiarism search engine - what you'll see is a listing of sites that have copied the URL that you chose. If a search engine has already given preference/trust to one site (as demonstrated by the high search ranking) why then would it skyrocket a second site for providing the exact same content? Remember that a search engine's clients are looking for information, so it's only logical that providing page after page of the same content would cause their customer to go someplace else with their search traffic. As such it is in their best interest to provide fresh information, so copyright infringers will fall straight to the bottom of the list.

In the end, plagiarism shortchanges the writer of the content, paints the plagiarizer's domain with an unfavorable pigment of piracy, and ultimately adds no value to the customer experience (which is why we're all here in the first place, right?) The debate may rage on as to whether or not a duplicate content filter might exist and to what degree, but every client that I've worked with to create original copy has ultimately done better in the long run.

Cash Advances are Boring - How Do I Write for such a Humdrum Keyword Phrase?

As Joe suggests, I tell everyone who will listen to do a news search for your keyword phrase or any other variation that you can think of. (A great tool for seeing variations on your main theme lives over at Digital Point in the form of a keyword suggestion tool; type in something like "cash advance" and see all the other interesting results that come up!) News about your topic helps keep it interesting to both you and your consumer, so conduct a search and see what's in the news and issue a comment on a current event or an analysis of a story. As each of these articles stacks up on your site, it's just one more way that a client can find you by conducting a simple search (it goes without saying that a link to apply for a cash advance or our handy redirecting form should be present on each fresh article page - remember, monetization is key!)

If you're writing general copy such as a "how cash advances work" guide or a FAQ page, I would recommend looking at what your competition covers but be careful not to copy them directly. If you're one of our partners there are also some guidelines that you must adhere to in order to ensure that you're making credible promises to your visitors, so you may either borrow the message from our FAQ page or write me if you have any questions of a more specific nature.

- Blumey

Friday, 06 October 2006 23:05:41 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)  #     

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