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Payday Loan Blog - It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows What You Know, And Who They Know

 Monday, 21 May 2007

We’ve all heard the phrase that it isn’t what you know, but who you know. I personally encountered this saying multiple times back during my undergrad years when I was interviewing with guys like Deloitte, Compaq, and KPMG. A person could be brilliant, but lose out to someone with better connections (i.e. nepotism); it was usually the difference between an offer and an interview elsewhere.


As we get more ingrained in our respective industries, especially true in affiliate marketing, it isn’t just who you know, but who knows what you know, and who they know. Yes, it is a mouthful, but worth understanding.


My mother-in-law and my mother are both heavily connected in medical communities; as a proxy relationship, I am in contact with a lot of “who” individuals. However, it doesn’t do me much good because they really have no concept of what it is I do for a living, yet alone why my firm is better than company X, etc. If I were a newly minted doctor, it'd be striking gold, but I'm not (and I hear about that decision at least once a week).


That takes care of the importance of the first two pieces, and now the final. Let’s say that you rub shoulders with a lot of “who” individuals in your respective industry since you’re ancient, but they also understand what it is you understand that makes you so special. This is a fantastic step, and if you are at this point in your career, you’re bound to be successful…now for the clincher and the whole point of social networking (the kind that mattered, before the likes of Digg): it is all about who they rub shoulders with. Metcalfe’s law is very, very important and will open up a sea of opportunities if you are familar with how to use it to your advantage.


Below are some people in our industry that you should get familiar with for connections, that you should aspire to show off your unique talents to, and whom can probably connect you to an unbelievable amount of other contacts you might not even be aware of. Did I leave a lot of people out? Yes, but mainly because by connecting to these individuals, you are likely to run into the rest due to the size of their respective networks.


Affiliate Programs

Linda Buquet


Blackhat SEO



Community Development

Lee Dodd



Frank Schilling



Chris Hooley


Link Building

Jarrod Hunt


Organic Search

Aaron Wall



Jeremy Schoemaker


Social Media

Michael Gray


Whitehat SEO

Rand Fishkin


If you can impress just one of these people and can show that you are worth doing business with, it’ll make all the difference.



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