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Payday Loan Blog - How Weird Are Marketers?

 Thursday, 22 March 2007

This is by no means an all-inclusive list, but is something I was pondering since I've been called the usual due to my peculiar ways: insane, crazy, weird, odd, most likely to build a lair in a volcano, etc.

Thankfully, I'm not alone. Exhaustive research (read: 10 minutes of randomly pulling up blogs) has revealed the following about how weird we marketers are. In some cases I found it more fitting to just pull an image, because they explain those thousands of words that escape me.

1. Some of us don't watch traditional television. Really. John doesn't, and neither do I. I bought a big screen for my wife, but find myself either reading or working on one of the computers.
2. Since I don't watch television for the "content", I periodically check out the commercials to keep up on the advertising. If I had a Tivo, I'd find myself skipping the shows and just watching the commercials.
3. My typical wardrobe consists of a free t-shirt and an old pair of shorts/jeans. Aaron Wall of SEO Book exemplifies this adage of the most important people dressing as though they are the least important. Forgive me Aaron, but I found this image with you and Wendy hilarious.
4. Some marketers want change the world and some just want to mess around with the world while having a little fun. Drinkbait, win a date with a seo? Yep, that's Chris.
5. There appears to be a direct correlation between an unhealthy obsession of well-marketed brands and marketers. Case in point: VM campers, Guinness, and Disney.
6. Just like advertisers that don't consume the media they create, some top online marketers can't type or no write with good grammer.
7. A lot of us idolize Weird Al; some choose to rewrite his lyrics.
8. Cynicism and satire abound with most of us, especially with regard to mass media and large sites/companies, but how do I compete with this though? Quads is king there.
9. Some marketers find clever ways to do everything through mediums, even be romantic.
10. I read absolutely everything I can about everything, because I never want to be the last in the know, and yet I still find myself rereading things from some that are consistently the first to know. Andy Grove was right about the paranoid surviving.
11.  The walls of my office look like John Nash was up for three months straight looking for patterns and the office garbage can has the empty Diet Coke cans to support that theory. Search marketers in particular have to understand the why of what is changing; some of us just so caught up in it that it consumes us.

Know of some really weird things marketers do? E-mail me at and I'll add to the list along with a link to your site.


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