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Payday Loan Blog - Google's Acquisition Report Card

 Thursday, 31 May 2007

The Google Report Card

You've probably been reading more and more about Google's recent acquisition binge, what it means to privacy, monopolistic concerns, etc. Unfortunately, I haven't been seeing enough of what it means to Google as a business.will they allow Google to grow more profitably in the future, will they create some sort of economic moat?

To understand the future, we need to peer into the past. With the help of the Wiki article on Google's past acquisitions, the following is an attempt to score each acquisition. A "good" or "bad" acquisition is based solely on whether Google has done anything useful, to date, with that acquisition. Since we have no real insight into the depths of Google, in terms of key engineers that might have floated from one project to another, it is conjecture at best. But hey, we hope you enjoy the analysis anyhow.

The Google Report Card

Date Company Business Area Good/Bad
September 20, 2001 Deja's Usenet archive Google Groups GOOD
(still being used and out of beta)
September 20, 2001 Outride, Inc. Online retrieval tech GOOD
(info retrieval is key to the search business)
February, 2003 Pyra Labs Blogger MIXED
(nothing has been done with blogger since the purchase, but money is made off of all the MFA sites)
April, 2003 Neotonic Software CRM technology MIXED
(good if you count automated support a positive thing; bad if you are trying to actually resolve an issue)
April, 2003 Applied Semantics Adwords / Adsense GOOD
(adwords and adsense made Google the money printer that it is)
September 30, 2003 Kaltix Search engine technology GOOD
(acquiring patents for the core business is almost always good)
May 10, 2004 Ignite Logic Template maker BAD
(aside from use in Blogger, where else does Google need templates?)
July 13, 2004 Picasa Photo management software MIXED
(bad in that they haven’t done anything with it yet, good in that they still could do a lot with it)
October 27, 2004 Keyhole, Inc. Google Earth GOOD
(a popular product with income potential)
Sept.-Dec., 2004 Where2 Google Maps GOOD
(a nice compliment to Google Earth)
Sept.-Dec., 2004 ZipDash Google Ride Finder GOOD
(if it ever gets out of beta it has potential)
2005 2Web Technologies Spreadsheets GOOD
(part of Google’s office suite)
March 28, 2005 Urchin Software Corporation Web stats GOOD
(Google gets more user data.information is power; a recurring theme)
May 12, 2005 Dodgeball Social networking BAD
(nothing was done with this)
July, 2005 Reqwireless Web browser and wireless e-mail MIXED
(good for near term, but long-term the only difference between a office computer and a phone is the browser agent is slightly tweaked)
July 7, 2005 Current Communications Group Broadband Internet GOOD
(this is really good. Control upstream data [more power] and bypass greedier cable companies)
August 17, 2005 Android PDA software BAD
(doubtful that PDA specific software will matter for too much longer - see Reqwireless)
November, 2005 Skia Graphics software GOOD
(part of Google's office suite)
November 17, 2005 Akwan Information Technologies Latin American Internet operations GOOD
(more upstream data; tap into a growing market)
January 17, 2006 dMarc Broadcasting Radio Advertising GOOD
(I think this might be one of their best purchases for expanding the ad network)
February 14, 2006 Measure Map Blog analysis GOOD
(more data, more power…and it can be useful in determining real blogs versus splogs)
March 9, 2006 Upstartle Word processing GOOD
(part of Google’s office suite)
March 14, 2006 @Last Software 3-D modeling GOOD
(possible part of Google’s office suite)
April 9, 2006 Orion Search GOOD
(again…core product is search)
August 15, 2006 Neven Vision Photo aggregator GOOD
(good if it truly is used with Picasa to do something useful)
October 31, 2006 JotSpot Wiki creator MIXED
(similar to Pyra purchase, in terms of controlling the means for people to get started online – good if executed)
November, 2006 Youtube Online video GOOD
(this is a big ad revenue stream about to pop)
December, 2006 Endoxon Mapping solutions GOOD
(technologies will compliment Earth and Maps)
January, 2007 Xunlei Network, file-sharing GOOD
(control the user’s e-mail, virtual hard disk space…the entire dataset of being online)
February, 2007 Adscape Video game advertising GOOD
(another channel to push ads)
March, 2007 Trendalyzer Analysis GOOD
(understanding the data better, even at a fractional percentage, will result in higher revenue)
April, 2007 Tonic Systems Presentation software GOOD
(another product for Google’s office suite)
April, 2007 Marratech Video conferencing GOOD
(continue to control the medium for pushing ads…might be a good fit with dMarc)
May 11, 2007 GreenBorder Technologies Desktop enterprise security GOOD
(securing data and the user experience allows for further scaling)

Google's Boosting Resources

So far, most of the purchases, from the outsider's point of view, were made to either bolster core search technologies, expand advertising reach, extend web accessibility value chain, or help to make sense of all the data. Even then, the acquisitions marked "mixed" or "bad" may have synergies we simply can't see right now, or as theorized above, were made more to acquire talent than any specific technology.

The Future Of Google

Does this mean the pending transactions of Doubleclick, Feedburner, and possibility Salesforce are a good idea? Most likely. Doubleclick could be used to once again expand that ad network, Feedburner would bring access to even more user information, and Salesforce would be a mixed opinion, likely used as a compliment to Neotonic.

I want to know when Google is going to stop holding back though; buy Apple and Nintendo, just to get it out of the way.


Thursday, 31 May 2007 08:49:49 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)  #     

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