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Payday Loan Blog - Gettign Typo Trafic (On Purpose)

 Tuesday, 28 November 2006

If search engine optimization is one of the ways you attract traffic to your site, you might want to consider capitalizing on the wonders of niche phrases above and beyond the usual payday loan / cash advance arena. I’ve covered the adjectives that can be used to describe our payday loan product features in the content section of this blog, but what about non-traditional descriptors such as typos? Is this type of search even lucrative? How do you even figure out common misspellings of a phrase?

Case Study: Payday Loans versus Payday Laons

Speaking in terms of SEO, everyone and their mother is targeting the keyword phrase “payday loan” since that’s the most common descriptor for the type of product we’re selling. The problem is, you’re going up against every other person out there who ever thought about using SEO to rank for this phrase, and you can’t really hope to get to the top of the SERPs where the best traffic sits. Rather than dumping a whole bunch of time going after the phrases everyone else is targeting, you may wish to consider the phrases that are less popular – phrases that are misspelled.

Give a look at Digital Point’s keyword suggestion tool and type in “payday loan” – you’ll see a whopping 25,000+ number of times that this particular phrase is searched for in a day. Now try the phrase “payday laons” (the a and the o are transposed) and you’ll see the a meager 8+ searches a day. Since most people are going after the big phrase it would be reasonable to assume that you’d get very little (if any) of the traffic; in the case of a typo, the competition is significantly lessened and your chances improve. If you capture even 25% of the traffic from being in the top ten for a misspelled phrase (in this case you would have gotten 2 loans totaling $40 to you) then you’ve already beaten your chances of getting applications from the regular spelling of the phrase. Neat, huh?

How Do I Find Out Other Misspellings?

I don’t really have any favorite tools for this type of SEO, but when I give advice for finding common typos I do suggest a Google search for “typo traffic generator” as a starting point. Let’s take’s generator for an example; the phrase “cash advance” yields these results:

  • acsh advance
  • ash advance
  • caah advance
  • caash advance
  • cadh advance

…and these are just the first five. I count a total of 89 possible typos for this phrase alone, and you could go on and on with niche phrases such as “fast cash advance” (126 results), “instant cash advance” (149 results) or “emergency cash advance” (166 results). If you got one cash advance per week per permutation for one of these phrases, you would have banked $7,120 in one month’s time. Not too shabby if you ask me!

Driving Traffic Using (You Guessed It) Content

Now let’s take this idea and apply it to previous themes such as unique content generation. I’ve covered the reasons why it’s important to make use of unique cash advance content in a previous blog posting, but it’s important to take this new misspelled keyword idea and apply it to the same schema. Unique content is the stuff that makes search engines say “this site is important to people looking for (keyword phrase here)” and will subsequently cause them to rank you for your keyword phrase of choice. One of the methods you could use to hit a misspelling such as “acsh advance” home would be to write an article titled "acsh-advance.htm" using the phrase “acsh advance” throughout the page. Lather, rinse and repeat for the rest of your misspelled keyword phrases and bam – instant niche phrase targeting for relatively less competitive keywords. All you need to do is point some on-topic links to each of these pages to get them indexed (I’d recommend Digital Point's co-op ad network) and you’re good to go.

Othr Helpflu Tpis for Mispeled Contnt

  • Keep an eye on your web traffic and make sure you have a stats solution that will tell you how clients are arriving at your sites as well as which phrases they used to get there. If it turns out that you get more traffic for misspellings of one niche phrase over another, divert your efforts to variations of the more lucrative niche phrase.
  • Grow your site organically – add a new misspelled phrase once a day or week and interlink these articles to ensure maximum exposure.
  • Misspell the links pointed to your pages to give your misspelling strategy that much more weight within the SERPs.

- Blumey

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