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Payday Loan Blog - Color, Color Everywhere (But What Do Clients Think?)

 Tuesday, 07 November 2006

One of the hardest things I ever learned about web design is the use of color on a page in conjunction with other colors. The reality is your clientele will make judgments about your website the very instant it renders on your screen based off color information, so you need to provide the correct series of visual cues (often color-coded and in contrast to one another) that a person will find pleasing in order for them to accept the validity of your cash advance site.

The human brain responds readily to certain colors and color combinations, eliciting specific emotions and other behavioral patterns that consequently govern a responsive action. While each of us may interpret colors differently on an individual basis (I associate the color yellow with my mother since it was her favorite, for example) we all participate in the same culture at large; therefore, there will be underlying themes associated with color use. (A great article about color and cultural associations can be found here.) When constructing your website it would be considering what qualities your target demographic most values in your product. Is it the relative quickness of the cash deposit? Instant approvals? The safety and security of their transaction? How much money they will qualify for when applying for an advance? While you may consistently be selling the same exact cash advance to each and every customer, the utility each customer associates with his or her cash advance product will vary greatly – you can use this to your advantage when choosing the colors that dominate your site.

Let’s take a look at each of the examples I mentioned above a little closer. This is what I would do in each situation:

Speed or time as associated with cash advance deposits:

If a client is looking for a fast cash advance it would be safe to assume that they are likely in a state of agitation during the search process. Emergencies, unexpected bills, and other forms of sudden monetary need can stress anybody out, so using colors like red and yellow to channel this pre-existing emotional condition is a great way to align the emotions of the customer with the spirit of your cash advance offering. Red is shown to increase blood pressure and agitation in individuals, so this will compound their sense of urgency in this particular situation and push them toward completing an application.

Speed or time as associated with cash advance approvals:

The message conveyed by the speed associated with the approval process is very similar to that of a fast cash deposit, but it is important to play up the idea of approval here. Approval is an extension of validation, which is best expressed by green in the American culture (think of things like green traffic lights “approve” you to move forward, etc.) Be careful when using green in tandem with red, lest you look too Christmasy (I’ve fallen into that trap a number of times.)

Safety & security of information transfer with the cash advance application process:

Information security is ranked as one of the top three qualities that clients use to determine whether or not to use a cash advance company, so if you are touting the safety of your cash advance product then blue is an excellent color to use. Blue is most closely associated with stability, confidence and overall trust, so you can use blue as a means to convey these ideas visually. Brown also works, as it is associated with reliability and strength (earth tones usually convey power and natural ability) though it is less aggressive than blue.

How much money will a cash advance applicant qualify for:

Green is the choice here for obvious reasons. Green is associated with the color of money in the United States, but is also shown to relieve stress and decrease blood pressure.

Untargeted or general cash advance client appeal:

Balance is especially key if you don’t have a specifically targeted website or demographic, so making your index page as sterile as possible with a variety of colors used throughout the site is a good way to meet the needs of any client. Clients with specific needs will subconsciously seek out colors that are aligned with their current emotional state, so you may consider creating a series of landing pages with different color schemes that meet a particular need.

For example, you might have a relatively sterile index page with a red link in bold type that says “Instant Online Cash Advance – Click Here” and then have the color scheme of the resulting page skewed in favor of red hues and accents, all the while using the sterile layout as a platform to preserve the continuity of your site.

Building on that example, you might have a blue link on the index page that says “Our Cash Advances are 100% Safe – Find Out Why” and then link to a page with a predominantly blue color scheme that calls attention to the attributes of a secure cash advance application or whatever you feel your client may be looking for (you may want to review a complete list of our approved cash advance descriptors first.)

Remember to keep it simple!

Excessive use of bright colors fatigues the color receptors in the eye and may cause your client to abandon your site completely. Colors are meant to accent your message, so an entire page of red text distracts from the overall message and the ultimate goal of completed cash advance applications.

Additional Color Resources

- Blumey

Tuesday, 07 November 2006 11:22:33 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)  #     

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