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 Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Any marketer knows that a strong call to action is the crux of an effective campaign, but a lesser-known fact in the online cash advance industry (and a question that comes up relatively frequently) is what does a good call to action look like?

Everyone responds to different visual cues, and let's face it, the internet is teeming with flashy ads and glimmering animations that makes old school webmasters long for the days of the <blink> tag. Getting a cash advance customer to identify the appropriate course of action after landing can be tough, but it's not impossible. Understanding that your visitor is likely in a state of information overload given the number of spammy cash advance sites out there is an important thing to keep in mind when designing the look of your site; specifically, you'll want to pay extra attention to the page that your clients land on first. Presenting them with several chances to apply for a cash advance in a variety of ways is one of the best ways to ensure that you capture (and hold) their business, and that might look something like this:

Example One: Plain Text
"Are you short on cash? A cash advance is the perfect way to get some extra money in your bank account if your next payday is just too far away. Click here to apply for a cash advance now!"

*Note the use of a bold color to make the link stand out.

Example Two: On-Page Application Form
Putting our pre-qualification form directly on your page is another way to lock the consumer in right away. An excellent example of this is Complete Cash Advance, where the application form is integrated right on the root page. Cash advance customers tend to have a sense of urgency about them, so it's characteristically unusual for consumers to spend a lot of time researching cash advance information. Giving your client a chance to get started on their application process right away satisfies their desire to apply for a cash advance and “just get it over with” and, interestingly enough, this practice has been proven to increase conversion rates.

Example Three: Good Ol' Fashioned “Click Here!” Artifacts
We've all seen the wacky animations of monsters and other strange things that tend to jump off the screen and force you to look at the message of the ad. These work, but just in case animating a Frankenstein-esque character that dances around a sombrero isn't exactly your strong point, a basic shape at a strange angle and/or with contrasting color schemes to your template is just as effective. Here are a few examples:

*Note the use blue and orange to contrast two selling points of the product.

Color is a big deal in each of these examples, so choosing a contrasting color to bring your application to the front of the line is a must if you intend to capture your consumer's interest right away. Our higher earning affiliates use a combination of these basic examples (or even all three) on their root page in an effort to offer something to everyone – thus making the desired result obvious to any visitor right away.

- Blumey

Wednesday, 20 September 2006 11:02:37 (US Mountain Standard Time, UTC-07:00)  #     

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